5 Things I Refused to Learn in 35 Years of Game Audio

Monday, November 12th

À Room 511F Categories: Audio By: George Sanger, The Fat Man

Description: Rules apply to game audio in much the same way as a string applies to a kite. To make wise business decisions, you need to know things: product category, benefits, competition, chief differentiating factors. And -solve a major, common problem in a growing market -have an extensible brand -protect yourself against competition. Let’s look […]

Delivering Spatial Audio with Unity – powered by Dolby

Tuesday, November 13th

À Expo Session - Room 1 Categories: Audio , Expo session By: Andy Vaughan, Dolby Chet Lucas, Ironarm Games Gage Lucas, Ironarm Games

Description: Spatial audio can make your sound design more lifelike by rendering game objects precisely where you place them in the game environment — including overhead and underfoot. Join Dolby and IRONARM Games for a session about creation and technology and learn what it takes to create Dolby Atmos content using the Microsoft Spatial Audio […]

Designing the sound of reality in Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Tuesday, November 13th

À Room 511F Categories: Audio By: Anne-Sophie Mongeau, Eidos Montreal

Description: The idea of realism in games can be very subjective. Even in a game world which sources its stylistic references from the real world, sound designers must sometimes bend the rules of authenticity in order to present an environment which feels realistic. Because in games, ‘realism’ bears more the meaning of being ‘believable’ and […]

Game Cinematics and Trailer Sound Design & Mixing

Tuesday, November 13th

À Room 511F Categories: Audio By: Francois Lafleur

Description: In this session we’ll deep dive into Sound Designing and Mixing for Trailers and Cinematics. We’ll touch on frequency divisions, time divisions, music interactions, story, creative sound designing, dialog mixing and more. The importance of Dev/Marketing/Outsource communication pipelines will be explained as well. Some examples outside of the game realm might be used as […]

Interacting with Sound: Creating Accessible, Engaging Gameplay

Monday, November 12th

À Room 511F Categories: Audio By: Adriane Kuzminski, Team Audio / Smash Clay Audio

Description: There is no doubt that sound is crucial for creating an immersive and emotional experience, but when it comes to learning how to play a game – through instructions, menus, user interfaces, player orientation, etc. – most gameplay information is completely visually driven. Is this divide necessary? In this talk, you’ll learn about the […]

Mastering the Creative Process

Tuesday, November 13th

À Room 511F Categories: Audio By: Tom Salta, Persist Music

Description: the creative process; elusive and intangible. Even for the most seasoned professional, the creative process is something we, as human beings, can’t control, but only participate in. Creative Pros need to harness this creative process in a predictable way so that they can deliver their work on time. Veteran Game Composer, Tom Salta, will […]

Music for Games: Under the Hood

Monday, November 12th

À Room 511F Categories: Audio By: Matthew Carl Earl, Hexany Audio Michel April Mike Raznick Richard Ludlow, Hexany Audio Samuel Laflamme

Description: this panel features a collective brain trust of composers with the credits spanning franchises like Ratchet & Clank, Outlast 2, Might & Magic, Arena of Valor, Trolls, Dead by Daylight, Oddworld, Blade Runner: Revelations, King’s Quest, Assassin’s Creed, and many many more. We’ll go behind the scenes and dissect a pice of work from […]

Sound Design For Little Nightmares

Tuesday, November 13th

À Room 511F Categories: Audio By: Christian Vasselbring, Tarsier Studios

Description: This talk aims to explain some of the design philosophies behind the audio for the game Little Nightmares and will touch on several topics related to the games soundscape and showcase some of the techniques used when implementing sounds using unreal engines audio features. Targeted public: Anyone interested in sound design for interactive mediums. […]

Sound Files: Going from new recordings to vast number of ready to use assets

Monday, November 12th

À Room 511F Categories: Audio By: Watson Wu, Watson Wu Studios

Description: As games become more complex to develop, we require a lot more high quality sounds and variations of these sounds. This session is to show how we can plan, record, edit, and have more than enough asset variations for your titles. Examples of vehicle and weapon recordings will be played out loud to show […]

Speech Synthesis for the Gaming Industry

Tuesday, November 13th

À Room 511F Categories: Audio By: Marc-André Carbonneau, Ubisoft Montreal

Description: The presentation covers recent advancements at La Forge, Ubisoft’s research lab, regarding speech synthesis. We will present the history of speech synthesis technology leading to the latest neural-based models. We will talk about our experience with the implementation and deployment of neural-based solutions. We will analyze requirements and quality through examples generated using our […]

Tips & Tricks for Dialog Success in Open World Games

Monday, November 12th

À Room 511F Categories: Audio By: Greig Newby, Ubisoft Philip Hunter, Ubisoft Steve Brown, Ubisoft Toronto Tim Atkins, Ubisoft

Description: Voice Designers from Ubisoft who’ve worked on titles such as Watch Dogs, Far Cry, Assassins Creed & The Division discuss how they go about aiming for success in dialogue in our huge dialogue rich open-world games. A panel discussion ranging from recording approaches and logistics, scoping the projects, ai bark systems, editorial and all […]