Current and future state of Unreal Engine and Epic Games – Powered by Epic Games

Tuesday, November 13th

À Room 510AC Categories: Business & Marketing , Expo session By: Jason Della Rocca, Execution Labs Tim Sweeney, Epic Games

Description: Tim will share thoughts of where the industry is going, talk about the future of Epic Games and the Unreal Engine, and elaborate on Epic’s mission to improve how people play, work, and interact with the world. Format: 1h fireside chat between Tim Sweeney and Jason Dellarocca Targeted public: Anyone interested in hearing Tim’s […]

Failures and Triumphs: The Never Ending Quest for Success

Monday, November 12th

À Room 510AC Categories: Keynote By: Aleissia Laidacker, Magic Leap Anastasiya Bila, Monkeyism Lisa Hunter, Compulsion Games Patrice Desilets, Panache Digital Games Thomas Puha, Remedy Entertainment

As the game industry continues to grow and evolve, there is no single winning formula. The more we reflect on our failures and analyze our triumphs, the more we can learn and push each other forward to evolve the industry and art form we all love so much. This panel of eclectic creators will share […]

MIGS Brain Dump 2018: Easy to Learn, Hard to Master

Tuesday, November 13th

À Room 510AC Categories: Keynote By: Alex Epstein, Compulsion Games Chris Bourassa, Red Hook Studios Forrest Dowling, The Molasses Flood George Sanger, The Fat Man Kate Gray, Ko_op Mode Richard Rouse III, Paranoid Productions Thierry Boulanger, Sabotage Victoria Tran, Kitfox Games Yifat Shaik

MIGS Brain Dump is back for 2018 – join us for this closing session where eight dynamic speakers each get five minutes to talk on this subject’s theme, “Easy to Learn, Hard to Master.” This year’s subject pulls from a popular piece of game design wisdom, but one that also applies to many other aspects […]