A 20 year industry veteran and a hardcore gamer for life. Before settling into video games development via a few years at Finnish 3D graphics specialists Umbra, Thomas was a games journalist. He is the founding member of Finnish video games magazine Pelaaja and has written for Edge, IGN, GamesTM, Gamefan and many others. He has also hosted many video game events and events as well as created a documentary series about the Demoscene for YLE. His weekend job is being the road manager for the popular Finnish band Roope Salminen & Koirat.

Thomas Puha sessions

Failures and Triumphs: The Never Ending Quest for Success
Monday, November 12th

As the game industry continues to grow and evolve, there is no single winning formula. The more we reflect on our failures and analyze our triumphs, the more we can learn and push each other forward to evolve the industry and art form we all love so much. This panel of eclectic creators will share […]

Having more Control: Remedy’s next game
Monday, November 12th

Description: In the previous years MIGS conferences, Remedy Entertainment has talked about how it has transformed from a single project studio to a multi-project, multiplatform organization and gone through an IPO to partly fund its new strategy. In 2018, we can finally talk about the first game borne under the new strategy, the multiplatform project […]