As a child, Vince liked to eat pure salt. Today, Vince is a Co-Founder and Senior Programmer at Double Stallion Games. He worked on touch-control brawler Big Action Mega Fight!, Cartoon Network’s action-adventure OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes, and most recently the super-fast 2D beat-em-up Speed Brawl, on which he was responsible for the design and implementation of the combat system. Vince has an enviable understanding and love of many modern combat systems, his favourite being Super Smash Bros., Monster Hunter, Bayonetta, and the Batman Arkham Series. Furthermore, Vince contributed to systems and features related to AI behaviour, equipment, skill trees, networking, difficulty/economy balancing, and level design. Vince likes feature implementation to be productive and constantly challenges himself to find methods to produce better results with greater efficiency. Vince enjoys good food, good people, and doing good for the world. His mains are Link, Charge Blade, and Ebba & Bia.

Vincent Hippoman sessions

Gameplay Gurus: Characters, Combat, and Leadership
Tuesday, November 13th

Description: This panel will give insights into the craft of gameplay programming. Drawing on a combined 25 years of programming experience in games, discussion will include representatives from multiple studios discussing their successes and challenges. Panelists will give insights into workflows, feature implementation and trends in the games industry, as well as share tips on […]