speaker Micro La transition vers le réel : histoires vraies de jeux AAA
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La transition vers le réel : histoires vraies de jeux AAA

Date : Mardi 13 novembre - 11.15 - 12.15 > 511D

Traduction française disponible prochainement.

Description: Going though development of a product that considers live operations part of it's business and entertainment strategy is a massively complex endeavor... made even more difficult if you are accustomed to "traditional" AAA development. This session will cover a handful of relatable events and stories about transitioning form a big release AAA title to one that supports ongoing live operations and embraces the "Game As A Service" model.

Targeted public: Producers looking to expand their perspective on how to produce a "live" game. Seasoned vets who like game dev war stories.

1) It's hard, not turn key, no perpetual motion. Features take longer due to overhead.
2) It's different, in almost every way. Security is crucial. Feedback is fast and furious. Data needs analysis
3) It's the future. Games are entertainment and hobbies, content is King.


Nick Laing (Turn 10, Microsoft)