speaker Micro Stratégie de communauté pour les joueurs modernes
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Stratégie de communauté pour les joueurs modernes

Date : Lundi 12 novembre - 11.00 - 12.00 > 511B

Traduction française disponible prochainement.

Description: a panel discussion with community managers using forums as part of their total community outreach with players. We will the various techniques they use to engage, and increase LTV of players.

Targeted public: people wanting to understand how forums can be part of the mix in increasing player engagement and game play

Takeaways: How current studios use forums to engage players / How forums are integrating with game play / How CM's can integrate with Liveops


Adrian Speyer (Vanilla Forums) Justin Kruger (Ubisoft Montreal) Katie Fleming Nick van Vugt (Uken Games)