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Forrest is a game designer and team leader with experience ranging from huge AAA teams to a tiny indie. Since 2014 he’s served as the president and designer for The Molasses Flood, an independent team of former AAA developers who debuted with The Flame in the Flood. Prior to that he was the lead level designer on BioShock Infinite at Irrational Games, and on Homefront and Frontlines at Kaos Studios. He loves dogs, cooking, and travel, and hates writing bios in the 3rd person.

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MIGS Brain Dump 2018: facile à apprendre, difficile à maîtriser
Mardi 13 novembre

Traduction française disponible prochainement. MIGS Brain Dump is back for 2018 – join us for this closing session where eight dynamic speakers each get five minutes to talk on this subject’s theme, « Easy to Learn, Hard to Master. » This year’s subject pulls from a popular piece of game design wisdom, but one that also applies […]