Myriame Lachapelle

Myriame est une productrice, fait de la gestion de projet et du développement commercial. Sa plus grande force est de porter plusieurs casquette à la fois, de prendre soin de son équipe et de s’assurer qu’elle est à la fois efficace et heureuse. Elle a participé à des jeux comme Celeste et travaille actuellement chez Sauropod Studio. Elle a expédié Castle Story l’été dernier et travaille actuellement sur le prochain titre de Sauropod encore secret.

Jennifer Scheurle

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Jennifer Scheurle is the Game Design Lead at the internationally acclaimed Opaque Space, most known for the multi-award-winning Earthlight franchise, which received the Game of the Year award at the Australian Game Developer Awards in 2017. In collaboration with NASA’s Hybrid Reality Lab, parts of the Earthlight game are used to train astronauts in VR. In 2017 and 2018, she made MCV Pacific’s 30 under 30 list. Her work on hidden game design has been published by major outlets such as Polygon and Glixel (Rolling Stone Magazine).

Elaine Gusella

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Elaine is a passionate game professional with expertise in game design, communication design, and project management. She has worked with many indie studios and spearheaded different community projects, including game jams, consumer events, and mentoring programs before joining GamePlay Space as project manager for the new IP Discoverability Engine. Her personal projects dive into physical installations, offering hybrid interactions of the material and digital worlds. She is also the proud mother of a spirited young girl.

Christian Vasselbring

Designer don qui travaille pour l’industrie du jeu depuis 2012. Précédemment employé par Massive Entertainment, il travaille chez Tarsier depuis 2016 pour aider au développement de Little Nightmares. Il a étudié les médias digitaux à l’institut technologique de Blekinge and la production de musique à l’université de Lund. Il habite dans une petite ville appelé växjö située dans les bois profonds de Suède.

Chet Lucas

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Chet Lucas is the Co-founder and creative director at IRONARM Games. Creating stories, lore and engaging characters has always been a passion of his but Chet’s roots started in professional gaming, streaming and managing teams at LAN centers in Southern California. Currently he’s leading the team at IRONARM in generating interesting and intuitive gameplay as well as creating genuine and authentic art concepts and game design.

Gage Lucas

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Gage Lucas is the Co-founder and lead programmer at IRONARM Games. He’s been working in the games industry for just over 7 years specializing in the Unity engine and creating custom game frameworks for development teams worldwide. At the moment he’s working on a passion project at IRONARM that is a deep and engaging RPG that many fans of old school RPG’s may find enlightening. His favorite games series are Diablo and The Elder Scrolls.

Tammy Levy

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Tammy heads Kongregate’s Insights and Data Analytics team. Via an analytics-driven approach, the team helps optimize engagement, retention and monetization for game developers and our platform and marketing teams. Before Kongregate Tammy worked on multiple games as a Producer and PM at Zynga. She is an ex-pro fencer, home cook in training and avid Snoopy collector.

Scott Jones

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Scott C. Jones is a TV host, writer, public speaker from NYC, and professional consultant. He calls Toronto/Montreal his home(s) now. He’s reviewed more games in the past 12 years than anyone else on the planet. He recently launched his podcast, Heavily Pixelated, which explores the positive sides of gaming. TRIVIA: Game developers are among Scott’s favorite human beings on earth.

Harry Boltz

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Harry Boltz is a Technical Animator at Epic Games working on Fortnite, previously having acted as Lead Technical Animator on Friday The 13th: The Game.

Ryan Clark

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A veteran independent game developer, Ryan Clark has been creating award winning games since 2004, including ‘Crypt of the NecroDancer’, ‘IncrediBots’, ‘Professor Fizzwizzle’, and many more. With biweekly game industry analysis streams on Twitch, frequent speaking engagements, detailed Gamasutra articles, and numerous volunteer roles, Ryan is heavily involved in the independent games community. Ryan is also the co-founder of a technology and creativity focused school called Claren Academy in Vancouver, Canada, where he lives with his wife and two young sons.