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Victoria Tran is the Community Developer at Kitfox Games, a small indie team in Montreal, Canada creating and publishing worlds such as Boyfriend Dungeon, Six Ages, The Shrouded Isle, Moon Hunters, and more. She has worked as a community consultant for games such as Omensight by Spearhead Games and was the Social Media Specialist for Episode: Choose Your Story. In her spare time, she writes and manages PeachbuttComics, a humorous webcomic about the experiences of being a woman in the games industry.

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MIGS Brain Dump 2018: facile à apprendre, difficile à maîtriser
Mardi 13 novembre

Traduction française disponible prochainement. MIGS Brain Dump is back for 2018 – join us for this closing session where eight dynamic speakers each get five minutes to talk on this subject’s theme, « Easy to Learn, Hard to Master. » This year’s subject pulls from a popular piece of game design wisdom, but one that also applies […]